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I am currently an Undergrad student at Ramaiah Institute of Technology Bangalore pursuing my bachelor of engineering my core interest dives into entrepreneurship, deep-tech solving problems for people in various fields using technology and a data science enthusiast. During my free time, you will find me reading books related to travelling, novels, and auto-biography I also like to write about various domains such as lifestyle, business, and technology.
Eager to experiment and learn. :)


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Travel brings you closer to yourself. It’s simple really, when you’ve met enough people from all around, who are poles apart yet somehow very much the same, you understand basic human traits. It just gives a clearer worldview and helps you understand human behaviour. The picture doesn’t reflect the gravity of my thoughts here.


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This here, is Mr. Vijay Shekar Sharma founder and CEO of Paytm. Indian e-commerce company and a financial technology company with a registered user base of 450 million. I had a great time discussing business ideas and how to execute certain operations One of my best moments of life

I remember him saying it to me "baacha (kid) we move east".



I started reading from class 11th, I truly believe that books are your best mentors it’s unbelievable how much I’ve learnt from reading, and I can’t imagine how much I missed out on, in the years I didn’t read. I try and read at least a couple of books every month.


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To be honest i am not wanna be fit enthusiast but i make sure that i run 45-50 km a week and doing this releases all my stress running and exercise not only keeps me active but also challenges me to achieve what seems to be impossible.

Below is a before and after images

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