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Failure — The best teacher I ever got.

Well, me and failure are like Romeo and Juliet. I am dividing my failure story in 3 parts

1) Part 1-Senior school

2) Part 2-Senior secondary school

3) Part 3-Undergrad

PS : ( I am just 20 and currently in my 2nd year of Engineering).

Part 1-Senior school

So this is back in 2014 a small boy coming from a very middle class background was going to take admission in one of the prestigious school in the city and mostly famous for its various branches across the country(Delhi Public School) I was supposed to take admission in class 9th but failed to crack my entrance test it was so miserable that the school authorities were not ready to give me a 2nd chance so I cried a lot hell a lot and kept a stone on my heart and got admitted to the same class which I had passed earlier I was shit scared was worried about the opinions about people around which made me even nervous I was alone for a year no friends no one used to talk to me I went back home and cried why this is happening to me what did I do but as days passed I got used to it and continued to focus on myself started studying and building my skills and finally I passed my Class 10th in 2017 with a pretty decent score (though it doesn’t matter to me now) but on the result day I looked back to that 2 years and that failure what it taught me (mentioned in point below)

· Your constant efforts is far more better than exponential growth

· Having the right mentor in your life is important either you take mentorship from books or good people around you

· Have patience (Patience is actually very underrated)

Part 2-Senior secondary school

So this is back in 2017 a bit grown up kid had experienced something a bit hard before and was confident to continue with my journey ahead very positively but then “failure” was there behind (told you before we are Romeo Juliet) I failed to cracked the entrance test of the same school for taking science stream but this time teachers gave me another chance but again failed miserably compared to before then somehow I cried a lot front of the authorities to keep me they were kind enough to give me a chance to study at the same place I stated my Senior schooling at a positive note but a news which disturbed me after few days was that my grandfather suffering from Oral cancer and it was at last stage and my financial conditions were not that great that we could afford few costly treatments due to this I failed each and every test in my class 11th (I was ranked 1st from last in the entire class) but as days passed my grandfather failed to stay with me (RIP to his soul , miss you Dadaji I just know you are there behind me always) and due to this I was very disturbed I used to cry all the time used to control my tears front of people (I was and will always be attached to him) then slowly I couldn’t concentrate on my studies and failed my class 11th exam, was given a supplementary exam but failed again and I was told to leave the school in between it was heart-breaking and while leaving the school one of my coordinators told my mom and made her cry saying “Your son can’t do things .Science is not meant for him” . Then somehow I got admission to a nearby school after 2 months I really worked hard burnt mid-night oil and was one of the toppers of my school in class 12th CBSE board exam and gave various engineering exam (This is time I cracked few of them) some how got admission into a engineering college. And when every thing was settled for a while I looked back and learnt the following lessons mentioned below :

· Let no one tell you that you can’t do things its just that they can’t do it so they impose it on you.

· You are enough for everything

Part 3-Undergrad

So now we are in 2019 a fresher in engineering college have become a bit hard due to my failure but again this time people slowly started judging me on my looks, dressing sense and my low marks in few subjects this was year where things changed for me I worked on my Startup (pilot stage) it was a B2C marketing projects I ended up making a website and advertising shops and listed best deals for the local people (The agenda was to link local store to local customer via internet) I experimented for 20 shops earned couple of thousands and due to less funds and less responsiveness I had to shut it and during this phases of my life I met one of my inspiration Mr. Vijay Shekar Sharma ,Founder and CEO of Paytm I had a chance to talk to him and discuss my startup ideas and guess what I was so indulged in all this that my academics came down and I failed my Engineering Physics and legit got 0 (Zero) in my Civil test and my prof(s) started discouraging me infact there was a moment I wanted to give up my life yes you heard it right I wanted to commit suicide but nevertheless I looked back and wondered that I have lost the most important person (my grandfather) nothing was above him for me then what the hell are these tests and exam I took it as a challenge and worked hard during this process few people supported me that’s my family and one of my senior in engineering college Piyush Mehta a big thanks to him and my close friend Mohan (my school buddy).

And slowly as days passed I worked on my self and made a small community to teach people technology and programming there are couple of tens of people who learn from me and the age varies from 13 to 22 ( yes you are right I teach programming to school going kids to individuals in colleges) during this process I earned couple thousands which helps me to pay my bills and take out some expenses :)

What I want to conclude is that Our ignorance or our attention cannot stop what’s inevitable then why fret over security ?

Failure has taught me how to be hard and how to be humble and mostly important how to be a learner.

Below is the snap of me (on right) with Mr.Vijay Shekhar Sharma ,Founder and CEO of Paytm(on left)

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